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Information on Economically Developing Countries (EDC) Projects

Who's Who?

ISB Member



Bart Koopman

Developing Countries Officer

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Andrea Hemmerich

EDC Project Officer; TATCOT Project Champion

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Genevieve Dumas

INJEPS-UAC Project Champion

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Kenneth Chelule

Moi Teaching and Referral University Hospital Project Champion

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Ediuska Laurens

USB Project Champion

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Li Li

ULA Biomechanics Gait Lab Project Champion

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Rajani Mullerpatan

MGMIHS Project Director

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EDC News Update

January 2014

ISB-EDC membership is now available at a reduced fee. Please visit the Registration & Renewals page for details.

November 2013

ISB-EDC Presentation at Congress in Colombia

Dr. José Acero invited Andrea Hemmerich, EDC Project Officer, to present a seminar about the ISB-EDC Program at the 2nd International Congress of Applied and Sports Biomechanics (ICB) in Medellín, Colombia. Andrea connected live via webcast and answered questions on how the ISB could support biomechanics research in Latin America. The Colombian Association of Biomechanics was formed at this meeting; we are anticipating future affiliation of this society with the ISB. Thanks to Dr. Felipe Carpes for support and to Dr. Acero for organizing as well as English-Spanish translation throughout this presentation.

October 2013

Workshop Report outlines key strategies to develop biomechanics in EDCs

ISB members discussed strategic initiatives on which the ISB should focus to better develop biomechanics programs in EDC regions during a morning session at the ISB2013 Congress. Outcomes from this professional workshop, in which participants from both EDC and non-EDC academic institutions were represented, are detailed in a report that can be downloaded by members here.

July 2013

An EDC Meet & Greet luncheon is being organized during the ISB2013 Congress in Natal, Brazil! This networking opportunity will allow you to learn more about our program and support collaborations promoting biomechanics worldwide. To find out more about the EDC Meet & Greet, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , EDC Project Officer.

February 2013

A complete report of the recent ISB visit to the Tanzania Training Centre for Orthopaedic Technologists (TATCOT) is now available for download. Please also visit the TATCOT Project webpage for recent developments and more information.

EDC Committee: 2011-2013

Following the ISB2011 Congress, an EDC Committee was created to support the Project Officer, Andrea Hemmerich, on EDC initiatives. Members of the committee were asked to take on a primarily advisory role, but have also contributed to specific tasks. Committee meetings are held approximately once every three months to discuss current issues. EDC Committee members are listed below.

ISB Member Role
Andrea Hemmerich Committee Chair
Antonio Veloso Committee Overseer, Affiliated Societies & Developing Countries Officer
Walter Herzog Committee Member
Veronique Feipel Committee Member
Marco Vaz Committee Member
Ton van den Bogert Committee Member, ISB President
Julie Steele Committee Member, ISB Past President
John Challis Committee Member, ISB President-Elect

EDC Congress Travel Grant

The application process for the 2013 EDC Congress Travel Grants is now closed. Please review the grant information below and return to this site for upcoming EDC grant opportunities.


The International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) is pleased to announce the Economically Developing Countries (EDC) Congress Travel Grant for the XXIV ISB Congress in Natal, Brazil ( Awarded on a case-by-case basis, these grants will subsidize essential transportation (e.g. economy class plane, train, or bus ticket, car hire, etc.) and/or the Congress entrance fees, but will not cover accommodation or meals.


  • All ISB members working or studying at an institution in an economically developing country (EDC). EDCs include all countries ranked below the 'Very High' United Nations 2011 Human Development Index (HDI). HDI ranking will be taken into account with the assessment of each grant application.
  • The EDC Congress Travel Grant is not limited to student members. Any faculty/staff member of an EDC institution is encouraged to apply.
  • Grants will only be awarded to presenting authors of accepted abstracts. Your abstract must be submitted together with your application.

Application Instructions (students, please follow the Student Grant Guidelines):

Application forms are available here and should be submitted together with a copy of the proposed abstract, a budget, and a 2-3 page CV. (It is not necessary for applicants to have submitted a Letter of Intent; however, those who did will receive notification in September of approximate funding that would be awarded with a strong application.)

Download EDC Congress Travel Grant Application Form

Important Dates:

03_Aug 2012 Letter of Intent submitted to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
30 Sept 2012 Notification of approximate funding that would be awarded to those who presented a Letter of Intent provided a strong application with supporting documentation is submitted.
15 Dec 2012 Full EDC Congress Travel Grant applications are due.
End of May_2013 EDC Congress Travel Grants are awarded.
4-9 Aug 2013 ISB2013 Congress, Brazil

Funding Opportunities for EDC Researchers

Grand Challenges Canada and the Schlumberger Foundation are dedicated to funding researchers from developing and emerging countries.

The Schlumberger Foundation is accepting applications for the Faculty for the Future Fellowships. A Call for Applications can be downloaded from their website.

Grand Challenges Canada's Stars in Global Health program enables innovators in low- and lower-middle-income countries and Canada to develop ideas to improve global health. The application consists of a 2-page concept and 2-minute video. More information about this Call for Proposals can be found on their website.

EDC Projects

An overview of EDC projects with locations shown on a world map can be found on the EDC Projects page. Current projects include

Opportunities for Students

ISB has established several student grant initiatives, which are available to assist ISB student members. Why not apply to one of these schemes to travel to or from an ISB-EDC Project for collaborative research experiences? Students from other institutions who are interested in visiting an ISB-EDC Institution should contact the appropriate Project Champion or the EDC Projects Officer.

A student mentoring program has been established by the ISB to assist students in all areas of biomechanics. ISB members - both students and researchers who are interested in becoming mentors - are encouraged to become involved!

Opportunities for Clinicians/Researchers

Several opportunities have been identified for international researchers and clinicians to travel to ISB-EDC Institutions. Please refer to the individual project pages to find out what opportunities are available for collaborative research, teaching, and learning.

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada ( has been established as a Biomechanics Training Centre for clinicians, students, and academic researchers who are interested in skills training and potential research collaborations. To learn more about the research that is being undertaken by the Biomechanics researchers at Queen's and how you can take advantage of this opportunity, click here.

Got a Project? Seeking ISB Support?

The International Society of Biomechanics is interested in supporting biomechanics-related EDC projects and institutions that may not currently have the resources to accomplish their goals. ISB contributions may take the form of communication and links between collaborators, donation of equipment, teaching and training, or financial support that would supplement matching project funds. Examples of initiatives that have already been supported by the ISB include

  • Free workshops taught by ISB sponsored speakers in Brazil and Venezuela;
  • Shipment of book donations to EDC biomechanics labs;
  • Equipment transportation and installation together with training of local staff at biomechanics labs in Tanzania, Kenya, and Venezuela;
  • Travel of academic researchers from EDC regions to North America for further training and research collaboration.

We welcome any proposal that will promote research, education, and the provision of healthcare in the field of biomechanics in economically developing countries.

In an endeavor to ensure project sustainability, we request all participants to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) before seeking ISB support, which can be downloaded here (ISB_EDC_MoU_Apr2012.pdf or ISB_EDC_MoU_Apr2012.doc). For more information, please contact the EDC Project Officer.

EDC Biomechanics Book Donation Program

Books_smallimage Is your EDC institution's library in need of biomechanics-related books or journals? Do you know of biomechanics books or journals that need a new home?

The ISB would like to match publications provided by ISB members with academic institutions in EDC regions through the EDC Biomechanics Book Donation Program. Please contact the EDC Project Officer for more information.

Donations & Support

Donations and support for these projects were received from the organizations listed below. ISB greatly appreciates this generous support:

EDC Sponsors

Motion Analysis
Motion Analysis Corporation

Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
University of Cape Town
University of Cape Town