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ISB Technical Groups

The ISB supports Technical and Working groups for the purpose of advancing knowledge in specialized areas within the field of biomechanics. Following are the current groups:

Forming and Running Technical Groups

Forming and running Technical and Working groups is not limited to those above and the ISB encourages the development and running of these groups by support and sponsorship in various forms, such as sponsoring keynote speakers at scientific meetings, hosting the website etc. To ensure the sustainability of the Technical and Working groups the ISB has a formal constitution for forming and running of these Groups, which are extracted from section 9 of the ISB constitution and listed below.

  1. Technical groups of the Society shall be created from time to time for the purpose of advancing knowledge in a specialized area, or on a specific topic within the field of Biomechanics.
  2. Members of the Society who have worked together informally to advance knowledge in a specialized area, or on a specific topic, for a period of at least four years (during which they may be referred to as a Working Group) may submit an application to the Executive Council for their group to be designated as a Technical Group of the Society.
  3. Applications for designation as a Technical Group of the Society shall be decided on a majority vote of those members of the Executive Council present at the meeting for which the formation of the group has been proposed as part of the circulated agenda.
  4. The activities of Technical Groups shall be administered by an Executive Board. The structure of this Board, how officers are elected, and how the Executive Board operates, will be defined in the Codes of Operation for each Technical Group which will be endorsed by the Executive Council.
  5. The Board for each Technical Group shall meet at least once every two years.
  6. Technical groups shall plan and conduct professional meetings, provided that prior approval for such meetings is obtained from a committee consisting of the President- Elect, President (Chairperson) and Past-President of the Society (hereafter referred to as the Committee of Presidents).
  7. Technical groups shall enter into agreements with other organizations only after obtaining approval of the Committee of Presidents.
  8. The Chairperson of each Technical Group, or a person designated by him or her, shall present, in person, a written report of the activities of the Technical Group to the Executive Council of the Society, at the time of each Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics.
  9. Technical Groups may be disbanded by the Executive Council of the Society when, through failure to meet the obligations of any of the clauses of this Article, or for other reasons, they cease to serve the best interests of the Society.

In addition these its desirable that the ISB Technical and Working Groups run their scientific meetings at least every six years in conjunction with the ISB Congress. Also these Groups should acknowledge the sponsorship of the ISB on their web sites and at their scientific meetings.