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Carlo de Luca Emerging Scientist Award

The ISB has had great pleasure to announce and award the Carlo de Luca Emerging Scientist Award in honour of Professor Carlo de Luca and his pioneering contribution to the science and application of biomechanics, in particular in the area of electromyography. The award honors excellence in graduate research in the area of motor control and electromyography and is associated with a monetary award of $US 2,500. The winners are selected prior to the next ISB Congress and will present in the award’s session at that ISB Congress

Requirements: Candidates must be at a very early stage of their scientific career and to be eligible must not have received their PhD degree before the previous ISB Congress (two years prior to the Congress where the award will be given). Current graduate students, including MSc level students, are also eligible. Please send your applications to Prof Tim Derrick (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by February 28, 2021. The abstract must be in the area of motor control/electromyography. You are also requested to submit an up to date curriculum vitae and PDF copies of two of your refereed publications in the area of motor control / electromyography. 

When applying for the award, please download the Carlo de Luca ESA tick-box questionnaire here, answer the questions and send it back to the ISB Awards Officer, too.

Please note: You are also required to submit your abstract simultaneously to the ISB congress organisers and that ISB has a policy that an abstract submitted for an ISB conference award is non-identical to an abstract submitted elsewhere. 

Winners of the Emerging Scientist Award:
2021 Tom Buurke (Belgium)
2019 Adrian Lai (Canada)
2017 Alessio Gallina
2015 Shota Haigo (Japan)
2013 Geoffrey Power (Canada)
2011 Taian Vieira (Italy)
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