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ISB World Athletics Award for Biomechanics

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This award is presented annually at the ISB/ISBS Congress during the year in which it is awarded. The winning paper will be published as the ISB World Athletics Award for Biomechanics paper in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics (subject to a normal peer review process). The first author of the winning paper will receive a certificate and a monetary award of $5000 USD.

Requirements: Any scientist may submit an abstract for the award, except members of the ISB Executive Council. Each year the theme of the award is announced on the conference website. The abstract must describe a study related to the theme and contain some form of biomechanical analysis. From the abstracts submitted, 5 are selected and nominated for the award. The authors of the 5 selected abstracts will be requested to submit a full length paper prepared according to the guidelines of the Journal of Applied Biomechanics. The paper must be entirely original, not published at the time of the congress nor submitted for publication to any book or journal other than the Journal of Applied Biomechanics. A jury will evaluate and select the winning paper. The first author of the winning paper is expected to give a plenary session of the winning paper at the congress. In non-ISB congress years, the presentation will be given at the ISBS congress.


Winners of the ISB World Athletics Award for Biomechanics:
2023 Toshihide Fujimori (Japan) Performance Strategy in the High Jump varies between Individuals: Mechanical Work Exertion vs Energy Conversion


Tadahiko Kato (Japan) Investigation of a theoretical model for the rotational shot put technique
2021  Michael Asmussen (Canada) The “spring-like” function of the subtalar joint in maintaining stability during running