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Jacquelin Perry Emerging Female Scientist Award

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The Jacquelin Perry Emerging Female Scientist award is designed to acknowledge female researchers who have performed superior biomechanics research early in their career. It entails a certificate and a monetary award of US$ 5000 for scientific purposes, such as visiting another research group to collaborate on a project. The competition is held each year in which there is an ISB-conference. The winner of the award is expected to give a 30 min. plenary presentation over the recent studies that have contributed to the award at the ISB-congress of the same year.

Requirements: To be eligible for the award, a candidate must (1) be a female member of the ISB, (2) be post-doctoral but not more than 5 years. Each candidate must submit 1) his or her full curriculum vitae,2) at least two first author full articles in peer reviewed scientific journals that he/she has written in a single area of Biomechanics, and 3) interpretative summaries describing the contribution of each article.

Winners of the Jacquelin Perry Emerging Female Scientist Award:
 2021 Taylor Dick (Australia)  Series elasticity facilitates safe plantarflexor muscle-tendon shock absorption during perturbed human hopping