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Promising Scientist Award

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The Promising Scientist award is designed to acknowledge people who have performed superior biomechanics research early in their career. It entails a certificate and a monetary award of $5000 USD for scientific purposes, such as visiting another research group to collaborate on a project. The competition is held each year in which there is an ISB conference. The winner of the award is expected to give an oral presentation of the recent studies that have contributed to the award at the ISB congress of the same year.

Requirements: To be eligible for the award, a candidate must be a member of the ISB and be post-doctoral but not more than 5 years. Each candidate must submit 1) a full curriculum vitae, 2) PDF copies of at least two first author full articles in peer reviewed scientific journals that they have written in a single area of Biomechanics, and 3) interpretative summaries describing the contribution(s) to the field for each article.



Winners of the ISB Promising Scientist Award:
2023 Anne Koelewijn (Germany)
2021 Lizeth Sloot (Germany)
2019 Eng Kuan Moo (Canada)
2017 Karl Zelik (USA)
2015 Ross Miller (USA)
2013 Hiroaki Hobara (Japan)
2011 Antoine Nordez (France)
2009 Jae Kun Shim (USA)
2007 Paul Ivancic (Canada)
2005 Kermit Davis (USA)
2003 Constantinos N. Maganaris (UK)
2002 Stefan Judex (USA)
1999 Ralph Müller (USA)
1997 Amy Courtney (USA)