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The Faculty, including Dr. Rafael Reyes, at the Los Andes University (ULA) in Mérida, Venezuela had been interested in developing a graduate program in Biomechanics as early as 2002; the ISB offered its support of this initiative following the 2007 Congress. Equipment for the gait lab - including a second-hand 4-camera Peak system from the University of Maryland and a new Delsys EMG system - was donated to support their teaching and research initiatives. Joe Hamill and Li Li, representing the ISB, helped procure these donations and organize shipment of the equipment, which arrived in Mérida in October 2009. At this point, they were able to arrange their visit to ULA in early 2010 to carry out the installation.  The lab was successfully set up and is ready for students, staff and collaborators to launch their research!

In addition to the establishment of the gait lab with the Biomechanics group, a MATSCAN force measurement system from Tekscan was donated to the Center of Innovation Technology (CITEC) at ULA. This contribution was arranged by Ediuska Laurens, ISB Student Representative (2007-2009), and Dr. Herman Finol, Director of CITEC, to facilitate the screening of prosthesis and implant patients on the basis of foot pressures. Additionally, the clinicians at CITEC can now monitor the progress and efficiency of foot function during rehabilitation and muscle training.



Universidad de Los Andes (ULA)

Mérida, Venezuela

Who’s Who at ULA?





Dr. Rafael Reyes

ULA Contact for Biomechanics Gait Lab


Dr. Herman Finol

Director, Center of Innovation Technology at ULA (CITEC-ULA)





Li Li

Biomechanics Gait Lab Project Champion


Ediuska Laurens

ISB Contact for ULA-CITEC Lab


ULA Gait Lab Report


ULA-CITEC Orthopaedics



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Donations and support for these projects were received from the organizations listed below. ISB greatly appreciates this generous support.