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To propose an ISB Recommendation paper

Procedure to propose an “ISB Recommendations” paper

  1. Any ISB member or Council member may propose a topic for an “ISB Recommendations” paper, however these must be recognised as rare and special papers and only the most important and necessary topics will progress. The proposal should initially be raised and discussed with one of the three Presidents or any Council member (the one most aware and expert on the topic), to discuss if the topic may be of interest and to advise on the proposal process.
  2. If it is determined that the topic is of interest, the member shall provide a written proposal for review by a Committee of 5 ISB Council Members. The Committee shall include the three Presidents, the Publications Officer, and another Council member with expertise closest to the topic. These Committee members will be replaced as needed with other ISB Council members, to manage conflicts of interest, expertise, and broad considerations of diversity (including, but not limited to, gender and career stage).
    1. The written proposal shall be a brief document that provides:
      1. The proposed title of the paper
      2. Proposed co-ordinating author and authorship team
      3. Brief details on the proposed content/scope
      4. Justification for the authors
      5. Justification for why the topic is important and required as an “ISB Recommendations” paper instead of a regular publication. Again, these papers must be recognised as rare and special papers, and only the most important and necessary topics should progress to the next step.
  3. If it is agreed by majority vote of the 5 Council members that the proposal is of exceptional importance and appropriate as an “ISB Recommendations" paper, they would approach an appropriate Editor of the Journal to discuss their interest in the topic and confirm support for open access format with charges waived.
  4. If the Committee and the Journal agree that the topic is justified as an “ISB Recommendations” paper, and the authors are approved”:
    1. The authors will prepare a paper for publication, which would be submitted and peer reviewed through the Journal following their usual processes.
    2. If substantial changes are made to the authorship team or content, the co-ordinating author shall request prior approval from the Committee of 5 ISB Council members.
  5. If the topic or the authors are not approved by the Committee of 5 Council members or the Journal:
    1. The proposing author(s) will be free to decide if they wish to publish their paper separately from ISB (without being an “ISB Recommendations” paper).
    2. If the Committee of 5 votes Yes to the topic but No to the proposed author(s), the Committee must propose the alternative or additional author(s) so that the proposing author(s) can decide whether to proceed as an ISB Recommendations paper with different authors, or to proceed as an independent paper without being labelled an “ISB Recommendations” paper.