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The Muybridge award is the most prestigious award of the Society. It is awarded for career achievements in biomechanics. The award is named after Eadward Muybridge (1830-1904), who was the first to use cinematography for the study of human and animal movement.

2017 Walter Herzog (Canada)
2015 Kai-Nan An Biomechanics of Upper Extremities
2013 Benno Nigg (Canada)

From Biomechanik to Biomechanics to Biomechanigg

2011 Roger Enoka (USA)

Muscle fatigue – from motor units to clinical symptoms.

2009 Mimi Koehl (USA) Effects of ambient wind or water flow on locomotion. See the lecture here.
2007 Peter Huijing (Netherlands) Epimuscular myofascial force transmission: a historical review and implications for new research.
2005 Rik Huiskes (Netherlands) Bone: The Engineer's Ultimate Dream Material
2003 Tetsuo Fukunaga (Japan) Effects of elastic properties of muscle-tendon complex on sports performances.
2001 David Winter (Canada) Gait and balance - from the micro to the macro.
1999 Paavo Komi (Finland) Stretch-shortening cycle: a powerful model to study normal and fatigued muscle. J Biomech 33:1197-1206, 2000
1997 John Paul (UK) Strength requirements for internal and external prostheses. J Biomech 32:381-393, 1999
1995 Savio L-Y. Woo (USA) Biomechanics of knee ligament healing, repair and reconstruction. J Biomech 30:431-439, 1997
1993 Malcolm H. Pope (USA) Spinal biomechanics (not published)
1991 R. McNeil Alexander (UK) Optimization of structure and movement of the legs of animals. J Biomech 26 Suppl 1:1-6, 1993
1989 Gunnar Andersson (USA) Spine biomechanics (not published)
1987 Peter R. Cavanagh (USA) Studies in the biomechanics of distance running and plantar pressure distribution. Biomechanics XI-A (Eds: G. de Groot, A.P. Hollander, P.A. Huijing, G.J. van Ingen Schenau), pp. 3-14, Amsterdam, 1988.


  • International Society of Biomechanics
    31 May at 8:15 pm
    In this episode of BOOM, we talk with Professor Deanna Gates of the University of Michigan on rehabilitation biomechanics and her work on prosthesis and orthotics. She shares her experiences as a biomechanics consultant and rehabilitation work for the military, as well as her motivation for becoming a biomechanist (hint: in a galaxy far, far away...).
  • International Society of Biomechanics
    20 May at 5:48 pm
    Join the ISB Working Group in Motor Control at the upcoming symposium “The Integration of Motor Control into the Rehabilitation and Prevention of Sports Injuries"!

    When: May 28th, 2019, 66th ACSM Meeting
    Where: Orlando, FL, USA

    Register here:

  • 9 May at 10:47 am


    VII ECCOMAS Thematic Conference VipIMAGE 2019
    October 16-18, 2019, Porto, Portugal
    Chairs: João Manuel R. S. Tavares & Renato Natal Jorge, Universidade do Porto


    Dear Colleague,

    This is the final call for contributions to the International Conference VipIMAGE 2019 - VII ECCOMAS THEMATIC CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL VISION AND MEDICAL IMAGE PROCESSING ( to be held in October 16-18, 2019, in Axis Vermar Conference & Beach Hotel, Porto, Portugal.

    Possible Topics (but not limited to)
    - Signal and Image Processing
    - Computational Vision
    - Medical Imaging
    - Physics of Medical Imaging
    - Tracking and Analysis of Movement
    - Simulation and Modeling
    - Image Acquisition
    - Industrial Applications
    - Shape Reconstruction
    - Segmentation, Matching, Simulation
    - Data Interpolation, Registration, Acquisition and Compression
    - 3D Vision
    - Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data
    - Virtual Reality
    - Visual Inspection
    - Software Development for Image Processing and Analysis
    - Computer Aided Diagnosis, Surgery, Therapy, and Treatment
    - Computational Bioimaging and Visualization
    - Telemedicine Systems and Applications

    Invited Lecturers
    - Aurélio Campilho, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
    - Danail Stoyanov, University College London, UK
    - Daniela Iacoviello, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
    - João Paulo Papa, Universidade Estadual de São Paulo, Brazil
    - Jos Vander Sloten, KU Leven, Belgium
    - Wafa Skalli, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France

    Thematic Sessions
    Proposals to organize Thematic Sessions under the auspicious of VipIMAGE 2019 are welcome.
    The proposals should be submitted by email to the conference co-chairs (,

    Accepted Thematic Sessions
    - Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular and Orthopaedic diseases: Imaging and Modelling
    - Advances and Imaging Challenges in Micro and Nanofluidics
    - Intersection between Image Processing and Machine Learning in Biomedical Applications
    - Direct Digital Fabrication in Medicine: from digital data to physical models
    - Computer Simulations and Visualization Applied to Tissue Engineering
    - Parameterization of Reconstructed Organ Models
    - Computational vision and image processing applied to Dentistry
    - Network Neuroscience
    - Applications of Ontologies for Medical Image Analysis and Computer-Assisted Interventions

    Proceedings: The proceedings book will be published by Springer under the book series "Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics" indexed by Elsevier Scopus.
    Journal Publication: A dedicated special issue of the Taylor & Francis international journal "Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization" indexed in Scopus, DBLP and Clarivate Analytics Emerging Sources Index will be published with extended versions of the best works presented in the conference.
    Springer Book: A book with invited works from the ones presented in the conference will be organized for publishing by Springer.

    Important Dates
    - Deadline for Extended Abstracts: May 31, 2019
    - Authors Notification: June 15, 2019
    - Deadline for Papers (non-mandatory): July 15, 2019

    - Instructions for authors available at:
    - The contributions should be submitted using the conference management system at:

    We are looking forward to see you in Porto in October, 2019,
    João Manuel R. S. Tavares
    Renato Natal Jorge
    (VipIMAGE 2019 co-chairs)

    For further details, please, have a look in the conference website at:, the Facebook page at:, or join the LinkedIn group at:
  • International Society of Biomechanics
    29 Apr at 9:55 pm
    Have you heard ‘Episode 15: Bringin' the Hamner Down on Design’ by BOOM: Biomechanics on our Minds with Dr. Sam Hamner, Director of Product Innovation at Cala Health? We talk design, non-profits, start-ups, AND how Jewish mysticism influenced his path in #biomechanics!

    Also available on Spotify and iTunes!
  • International Society of Biomechanics
    29 Apr at 5:10 pm
    International Society of Biomechanics shared a post.Thank you to the De Luca Foundation for sponsoring two upcoming Symposia of the ISB Working Group in Motor Control In conjunction with the American College of Sports Medicine and International Society of Biomechanics - American Society of Biomechanics 2019 conferences.



The ISB promotes the study of all areas of Biomechanics at the International level.

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