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From April 2010 the ISB Newsletter was published fully online and is now known as ISB NOW. You can read the latest issues of ISB NOW below. You can also read past issues of ISB NOW and the ISB Newsletters.

Student Travel Reports 21

Recipients of ISB Travel Grants are required to submit a brief report after completing their travel. This list below provides access to a selection of these reports.

Standards Documents 8

This page provides access to standardization proposals by the ISB standardization committee, and the various subcommittees, with reactions from the biomechanics comminity.

The ISB standardization committee welcomes any comments regarding the content of these documents. Public comments are preferred, and should be posted to Biomch-L. Private comments should be sent to the ISB President or the Publications Officer. If the volume of discussion increases to a certain level, we will implement a system whereby you can post your comments directly on this web page.

All documents within one category are listed in chronological order. Documents are still being added.

Foot kinematics

Inverse Dynamics

Global coordinate systems

Whole body orientation

Joint coordinate systems (general)

Ankle joint

Hip joint



Elbow joint

Wrist joint and hand

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

Student Section 9

Hello and Welcome to the ISB student section!

The student section is devoted to providing students with information and resources that may be helpful during your studies. As a student member of the ISB you are able to apply for ISB funded grants and awards, participate in mentor opportunities, become a member of the ISB student members Facebook group and have access to the online forms and discussions available on this page.


Below are links to some of the resources available to ISB members that may help you with your studies.


Links within the ISB website:

The ISB is on Facebook! Click here to join the Facebook group for ISB student members.

NEW - as of May 2011 we now have a Student Forum where you can post and discuss.

If you have any contributions or suggestions for future sections, please contact:

Allison Gruber

ISB Student Representative

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E-Pals Section 2

Welcome to the e-pals section of the ISB student pages!

If you would like to contact or be contacted by other student biomechanists, please post your details here, along with an overview of yourself and your research interests.

Send posts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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EDC Projects 7

The ISB with various companies actively supports the Economically Developing Countries by funding projects, infrastructure, students research, ISB member research and visits to different sites in economically developing countries.

Current Executive Council 1

The ISB is governed by its Executive Council composed of the officers and council members who are elected by mail ballot for two year terms. They represent countries from throughout the world and various scientific areas within biomechanics. The council, which meets annually, provides leadership for the continued development of the Society. Many on-going activities are performed by Council appointed sub-committees such as publications, standards and terminology, award nominations, and others. The quarterly Newsletter serves to inform the members of current and future events and developments.

Please contact any member of the Executive Council via our webmaster for further information.


Videos 48

This page has links to the ISB's tutorials and lectures. It includes those recorded at the ISB congresses from 2007 and those provided by others. You may also wish to visit BIOMCH-V, the ISB's YouTube channel.

Software Resources 48

This page indexes a collection of software from ISB members, Biomch-L subscribers, or other sources. All software is available for unrestricted non-commercial use. Contact the author(s) for commercial applications. The ISB is not responsible for proper functioning of software posted on this site.

How to contribute to Software and Data Resources

Movement Analysis 24

DLT & Camera Calibration 4

Algorthms and software for transforming image coordinates into 3D spatial data.

Rigid Body Position and Attitude Estimation 4

In 3-D kinematic analysis of movement, we typically track the motion of three or more markers on a rigid body segment. Here are various methods to extract a 3-D position vector and rotation (or attitude) matrix from marker coordinates.

3D Analysis of Human Movement 6

Routines that range from determination of position and attitude of body segments, movement represented as 3-D joint angles, joint moments using equations of motion, to the calculation of other movement parameters.

2D Analysis of Human Movement 3

Two dimensional (2D) analysis is easier, faster, and sometimes more accurate than 3D analysis in some circmumstances. However, one must be aware of errors when applying 2D analysis to motion with significant out-of-plane components. Here are some software tools for 2D motion analysis.

Force Plate Analysis 3

Two dimensional analysis is easier and faster, and sometimes more accurate than 3-D analysis. One must, however, be aware of errors when applying 2-D analysis to motion with significant out-of-plane components.

Numerical Analysis 4

Links to Numerical Analysis libraries and piblic domain software sources.

Imaging & Morphology 6

Morphometry software, Inertial Property Calculations, Bone Structure Analysis, NIH Image.

Signal Processing Software 12

GCVSPL: Spline Smoothing & Differentiation, GGLPEX: Extrapolation, QuickSAND: Smoothing and Differentiation, BioProc: Analog data processing.