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This page indexes a collection of biomechanical from ISB members, Biomch-L subscribers, or other sources.
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Movement Data

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C3D TOOLSnew.gif (1764 bytes)
Edmund Cramp

     The C3D file format provides a common method of storing 3D and analog information in a file and is supported by many popular motion capture systems. The C3Dserver is a fully functional and free evaluation version of the Software Development Kit including complete VB and C++ source code examples for creating, reading and writing C3D files.   More info at


File Format Manual
C3D Server SDK
Sample Gait Data
D. Gordon E. Robertson
A package of software and data that may be used for kinetic and kinematic analysis of planar human or animal motion Information and downloads
GAIT DATA                  D. A. Winter 2-D walking (kinematics and force plate) data from: D.A. Winter, Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement, 2nd edition, John Wiley & Sons, 1990. ZIP file
C. L. Vaughan et al
3-D software and data accompanying the book:  C.L. Vaughan, B.L. Davis, and J.C. O'Connor, "Dynamics of Human Gait", 1st edition, Human Kinetics Publishers, 1992.

These files were kindly placed in the public domain by the authors. A new Windows version, on CD-ROM and including hundreds of files with patient data, has been published in 1999. For details, see the website of Kiboho Publishers.


Each data directory contains four files: anthropometry, EMG, force plate, and kinematics. These files are in plain text (ASCII) format.

Installation: UNZIP the program files. In the same directory where gaitlab.exe is, create directories "man", "woman", and "clinical", and install the data.

Steve Kautz
Pedal forces and kinematics during cycling Information & Downloads
Rick Neptune
Muscle coordination during cutting movements - includes EMG, 3-D kinematics, and 3-D ground reaction forces. Information & Downloads


Pressure Data

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Pressure Examples
Novel GmbH
Pressure distribution software (Win3.1) and sample data including normal and diabetic foot, seat and hand pressure distributions. Information & Downloads
Walking and Running
Ewald Hennig
Pressure distribution data and animations for platform walking and comparative in-shoe running (contributed by Ewald M. Hennig). WWW Link


ISB FEM Mesh Repository

Users of finite element meshes should be aware that meshes may need to be adapted for each specific application.

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ISB FEM Mesh Repository The ISB FEM mesh repository is coordinated by Marco Viceconti. WWW Link
Standard Femur Geometry
Marco Viceconti

WWW Link


Musculoskeletal Models

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3D Lower Limb
Scott Delp
This data set provides the parameters needed to develop a computer model of the human lower limb. It is based on a model developed at the VA Rehabilitation R&D Center in Palo Alto California from 1987-1990. All data may be used and copied for non-commercial use. The data set includes descriptions of bone surfaces, joint kinematics, muscle lines of action, and muscle force-generating parameters. This data allows one to calculate the lengths, moment arms, forces, and joint moments generated by forty three muscles of the lower limb. The data set is presented in several files. Information & Downloads
Pelvis Model
Christian Gohl
  This is a geometric model of a human pelvis. It is not meshed; there are just nodes and lines.   Download


3D Morphology Data

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CT Data
Serge van Sint Jan
Computer Tomography scans of various bones, with detailed supporting information Information and Downloads

WWW Links


Test Data for Filtering and Differentiation

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Golf Ball Drop
C. L. Vaughan
Time-position (seconds, meters) of a falling golf ball. From: C.L. Vaughan, Smoothing and differentiation of displacement-time data: an application of splines and digital filtering. International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing 13:375-382, 1982. Double differentiation should give a constant acceleration of -g. Text File
Accelerometer Data
James Dowling
Angular displacement and acceleration data from an experiment that was reported in BIOMECHANICS X-B (ed:Bengt Jonsson) Human Kinetics Publishers, Champaign, IL. pp.1163-1167. Information and Downloads
Benchmark Data
Peter Vint
Benchmark data from Pezzack et al. (1977). Information & Downloads
Benchmark Data
Ton van den Bogert
Benchmark data and software for 2-D inverse dynamic analysis of running Information & Downloads
Test Data
Giannis Giakas
This directory contains data, software, and documentation for the study "Different Cut-off Frequency Strategies for the Determination of the Higher Derivatives", by Giannis Giakas and Vasilios Baltzopoulos. Information & Downloads

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