Pezzack's filter and differentiation benchmark data

The data file:


An ASCII text file that contains Pezzack's original displacement data, Lanshammar's noisy version of Pezzack's displacement data and the digitized replica of Pezzack's analog acceleration data. Please see the original publications in Journal of Biomechanics for more detailed information. Data are in the following format:

col 1 - Time (delta t = 0.0201 s)
col 2 - Pezzack's original displacement data (radians, Pezzack et al., 1977)
col 3 - Lanshammar's modification of Pezzack's original displacement data (radians, Lanshammar, 1982)
col 4 - Digitized acceleration data (radians/s^2, Vint & Hinrichs, 1996,
courtesy of G. Wood)


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