Iliac Bone


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Iliac Bone

Seq Struct Orient Pitch Thick
First Z
Last Z
Nb Matrix
1 Crest, Ilium Left 0.7D 1.1 1.0 356.4 / 90 512 250 120 266 61 45.2 Click here (1.688 Kb)
2 Acetabulum Left 0.7D 1.1 0.5 446.2 / 132 512 250 120 266 45 66.3 Click here (2.662 Kb)
3 Ischium, pubis Left 0.7D 1.1 1.0 512.4 / 38 512 250 120 266 26 19 Click here (682 Kb)
Amp=Amperage, Dim=Dimension, Incr=Increment, Nb=Nb of slices, Orient=Orientation, Seq=Sequence, Struct=Structure, Volt=Voltage

scan1.gif: CT slice through the proximal interphalangeal finger joint + label Main Page.

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