Dear ISB2011 Attendees,
It is with great pleasure and honour that we welcome you at this 23rd edition of the Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics.
Biomechanics is by definition a highly multidisciplinary field gathering numerous disciplines from fundamental work to applied research. This edition will emphasise this richness in know-how and expertises. Next to our Fibonacci's spiral logo symbolizing our multidisciplinary community, special sessions have been programmed in order to promote cross-fertilization between fields (these sessions are indicated in the program by the congress logo). Our keynote speakers will also present their work keeping in mind to set bridges to other fields as well. Cross-discipline will be omnipresent during the congress as it is a key to a successful modern research. Poster sessions will obviously be organised in the same spirit, with as an extra, flash presentations that will allow poster authors, if they wish, to present their work orally to groups of fellow-colleagues wandering into the various poster areas under the supervision of specially-dedicated chairmen. Another wish from the ISB2011 organisors was to associate young colleagues to the event in order to allow them to build experience; as such each session will be co-chaired by a junior researcher (next to a senior colleague).
As usual during ISB Conferences, the Scientific Program is of high-quality thanks to your submissions. Thank you for trusting us ! The organisation would also like to thank the Congress Reviewers for their fantastic job that enabled us to reach this level of quality. The Scientific Program is accessible from the menu on the right or using the navigation tags located at the bottom of your screen; proceedings of all presentations [pdf format] are also downloadable. A search page is also available through this button: .
Next to Science, the ISB2011 Organisation Committee did not forget fun and conviviality. Next to the not-to-be-missed final banquet, poster sessions will include special beer-and-cheese events in order to keep the atmosphere up and running!
We hope to meet you soon in Brussels. Enjoy the ISB2011 Congress !
For the ISB2011 Committee,