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ISB council members spent two days together before the WCB Dublin. During the meeting we discussed strategies to include EDC participants in the Society and the ISB congress in Calgary. Here I am summarizing some of the more important points and also showing to the ISB members some of the EDC activities in the past months.

EDC registration in Calgary

ISB 2019 Congress, prof. Walter Herzog, reported the advances in the conference organization and notice that EDC registration will be available at a lower rate. Additionally, there will be travel grants to EDC students. We strongly advice the students to regularly check the congress website ( and prepare application once the travel grant guidelines is available. There will also be travel grants from ISB. For this travel grants I strongly suggest to combine the congress participation and a short visit to some research laboratory in Canada, which will make your application stronger.

Congress in Chile

The II Congress of the Chilean Society for Movement Science was a huge success in Santiago (Chile) last August (2-4th). You may want to learn more about the congress by visiting the ACCM website:

Biomechanics Winter Schools in Brazil

During the months of July, August and September the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics supported 5 Winter Schools in Biomechanics. The schools achieved great success and were organized as follow:

  • Biomechanics Winter School: “Biomechanics of Olympic Swimming”
    • Federal University of Manaus, Manaus, Brazil.
    • Chair: Prof. Kelly de Jesus Allen Graça
  • Biomechanics Winter School: Signal Processing
    • Federal University of Pampa, Uruguaiana, Brazil.
    • Chair: Prof. Felipe P Carpes
  • Biomechanics Winter School: Biomechanics applied to daily life tasks
    • Pontifical Catholic University, Curitiba, Brazil
    • Chair: Prof. Eduardo Scheeren
  • Biomechanics Winter School: Neuromuscular Biomechanics
    • Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil
    • Chair: Prof. Fernando Diefenthaeler
  • Biomechanics Winter School: UNIFESP Biomechanics School
    • Federal University of São Paulo, São José dos Campos, Brazil
    • Chair: Prof. Maria Elizete Kunkel

Journal subscription donations

EDC groups were benefit of one-year free subscription to online Journal of Experimental Biology donated by professors Rodger Kram and Glen Lichtwark. This was a nice contribution of these professors and will benefit many students and researchers.

We want you to join this journey!

We are looking for new EDC initiatives. In ISB 2019 we will promote a microgrant competition to support small projects and educational initiatives for biomechanics in EDC. Why not starts your project today? For details on proposing an EDC project check the ISB website (link bellow) and contact me. I will provide all the support.



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