International Society of Biomechanics
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Imaging & Morphology

Morphometry software, Inertial Property Calculations, Bone Structure Analysis, NIH Image.

J.J. Crisco

Inertia Properties Using Green's Theorem. MATLAB code for calculating centroid, volume and inertia matrix from a stack of 2-D contours. Reference: Crsico, JJ, McGovern, RD. Journal of Biomechanics 31(1):97-102, 1998.

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Public domain software for processing of medical imaging data.

Information on file formats for medical imaging data.

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Young-Hoo Kwon

Equations for calculation of body segment parameters (BSP) from geometrical models, by Young-Hoo Kwon. Good explanation and many equations, includes references. No software.

John Hipp

Software for analysis of 3-D trabecular bone structure.

A Fortran subroutine for calculation of area inertial properties from bone cross-sectional contours. Adapted by Amy Stevenson (University of Calgary) from the original work of Nagurka and Hayes, J. Biomech 13:59-64 (1980). See also the Matlab code POLYGEOM.

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Geometric Morphometrics for PowerPC. For morphometric analysis of 2-D and 3-D landmark data.

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