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john_challis.gifJohn Challis obtained both his B.Sc. (Honors) and Ph.D. from Loughborough University of Technology. From Loughborough he moved to the University of Birmingham (UK), where he was a lecturer (human biomechanics). In 1996 he moved to the Pennsylvania State University, where he currently conducts his research in the Biomechanics Laboratory. His research focuses on the coordination and function of the musculo-skeletal system, and the data collection and handling methods required to investigate these. His collaborators include people working in anthropology, engineering, medicine, and motor control. To date he has supervised 11 graduate students to completion of their degrees.

He says: “I have regularly attended ISB congresses since 1987, and became a member in 1991. Since 2001 I have been in charge of the Society's archives which are housed at Penn State. As the archivist, my future targets would include: filling gaps in the existing materials, placing information about the archive on the web, placing key documents on the web, and undertaking a systematic re-organization of archive materials to permit easier access.”

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