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(Inter)National Biomechanics Day 2017 summary

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7,000+ High School Students Celebrated Biomechanics on NBD 2017
(and there are a few more NBD events still to come)

Hello Fellow ISB Members,

Please commence Jumping For Joy! We enlightened this vast amount of high school students in our synchronized, around-the-world celebration of Biomechanics. National Biomechanics Day was a resounding success for the second consecutive year while remaining a giant fun-fest of Biomechanics, science, STEM, and STEAM as everyone reported smiles, thrills, and awe among all participants. You can see the celebration throughout social media and also through a few slides HERE. We happily extend our mantra from last year: NBD 2017 was the single greatest day in biomechanics: there were more smiles on more faces in more biomechanics labs than ever before. Let’s all thank each other for contributing so successfully to our mission which is to bring Biomechanics into high school curricula around the world and thereby increase the impact of Biomechanics on society. Along this line we propose that Biomechanics will be the breakthrough science of the 21st century… and we mean it in a Big Way. I have written about this opportunity on Facebook and included at the end of this letter.

Please spend a few moments viewing, liking, forwarding, and retweeting The Global Phenomenon that is (Inter)National Biomechanics Day (yes, next year we’ll figure out our new name):

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NBD was initiated in 2016 and it was energetically enacted by members of the American Society of Biomechanics. It also excited many biomechanists around the world and led to our around-the-globe expansion this year. We received support from many international organizations and commercial enterprises including the International and Brazilian Societies of Biomechanics, the Osteoarthritis Research Society International, AMTI, IMeasureU, and Nike, to name a few. But how can we succeed and even improve our event in 2018 and future years? The answer is:

We demonstrated our viability with 2,000+ high school students in 2016 and we fully established NBD with 7,000+ students this year. It is now time for ALL BIOMECHANISTS TO JOIN THE MOVEMENT. We can have 20,000, 30,000, even more high schoolers learning and enjoying Biomechanics in 2018. We will inspire even ourselves with this level of success and it will truly change the world from the simple level of more undergraduates anticipating and enjoying their Biomechanics courses to the beneficial level of more people doing Biomechanics for their careers, to the exciting level of Biomechanics developing along lines not even envisioned today to the supreme level of Biomechanics having true meaning and importance to human society. People will consider, as truly typical and necessary the biomechanical perspective to address and improve the human condition. Biomechanics will no longer be that, “…you know…cool sounding…but…wait, what is it?” science but an irresistible part of life. We can achieve this success; Biomechanics can become the breakthrough science of the 21st century IF WE ALL UNIFORMLY AND IRRESISTIBLY PARTICIPATE in 2018. NBD 2018 can be stunningly superb and awesome if the entire world participates. If you have not yet participated, you will be surprised at how our synchronized events are more than lab demonstrations. They are as I wrote above, a movement.

I respectfully ask all biomechanists to participate in International-National Biomechanics Day 2018 (whatever we call it). Please and Really. The outcome would be incredible and important. You and we will change the world. Please support NBD.

Please, give it a shot. Take a chance. Join the fun and let’s see where we can go. Do not resist. Do not decline. Do not do not. Only do. And who are we talking to? You.

talking to you

NBD can also change the face and nature of science. NBD 2017 was greatly inclusive with over 50% female students and nearly 50% non-Caucasian participants. Everyone is invited to the party.

Also, Derek Pamukoff and group identified the most appropriate NBD Eve dinner: Torque Pot Pie. Yum!

Thank you so much and we will begin NBD 2018 shortly,

nbd2017 paul de vita

Paul DeVita, Ph.D.

Past-President, American Society of Biomechanics

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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In the, “This Just In,” news category, Justus Ortega from Humboldt State University just now emailed his NBD numbers and demographics to me: 55 students with 18 males, 37 females. Other NBDs have not yet reported and a few will occur in May. Make that 7,000++ high schoolers!

His summary, “It was awesome… and it is inspiring.” Thanks, Justus.

Let’s ask this group of 300 Brazilian students to, “raise your hand if you like NBD,”

nbd 2017 handshandsOk, that settles it.


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