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The year 2019 started and most likely every biomechanists around the globe was finishing abstracts for the ISB congress in Calgary. In addition, there are many other biomechanics conferences in 2019 including the XVIII Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics, which is considered the more important event of biomechanics in South America. These are important news, but not the only news to share in this edition of ISB now. I am pleased to tell all ISB members about some activities of the last months. Please take a look and share!

Brazilian Congress and Latin American Meeting of Biomechanics in Brazil

Next May (1-4th) biomechanics community from South America will meet during the XVIII edition of the Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics. With a number of invited speakers from different countries, the event will happen in Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, in the heart of the Amazon forest. The congress program includes the second edition of the Latin American Meeting of Biomechanics, with lectures of researchers from institutions of Latin America. The organizers expected more than 500 registrations to the event. Lasting one week to the final deadline for abstract submission more than 300 abstract were already submitted online. Learn more about the congress at This is the official congress of the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics (

Book donation

We are very happy to tell ISB community that we received a new book donation. Prof. Angus Burnett, from Doha - Qatar, donated a number of biomechanics books that were sent to the Department of sports sciences and Physical Education, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. If your group feels could be benefited of a book donation, please contact prof. Carpes and register your interest.

We acknowledge this important donation from prof. Burnett, who said “Biomechanics was very good to me for 25+ years of my life so I feel I owe something to the discipline.” The books will be very helpful to the biomechanics group from Pakistan and all the member of the recently established Pakistan Society of Sports Biomechanics.

angus burnett books

Prof. Angus Burnett.

Developing Countries Grant Competition 2019 (DCGC 2019)

During the ISB Congress in Calgary DCGC 2019 will award five projects from EDC groups in biomechanics with the purpose to incentive innovative and collaborative activities to develop biomechanics in EDC regions. The DCCG if supported by ISB, Tekscan, and Vicon Motion Systems. Any biomechanics researcher from an EDC country is eligible to apply. The application can include members not originated from EDC countries in the team. The coordinator of the proposal should be from an EDC country and a financial member of International Society of Biomechanics. The proposal should be developed in an EDC region.

Prepare your application and submit by email to Prof. Carpes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. according to the grant guidelines and the proposal template. More importantly, before submission prof. Carpes is fully available to guide the construction of your proposal. Please feel free to contact him with any question you may have.

Grant assessment will be performed in two phases. On the first phase, applications will be assessed based in the writing proposal. A committee will define which applications are eligible for oral presentation at the DCGC 2019 during the XXVII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB2019). The event will happen on August 1st, 2019, 1:00AM – 2:00PM.

Grants to be awarded:

1st place: USD 1000 (supported by International Society of Biomechanics)

2nd place: USD 700 (supported by Tekscan Inc.)

3rd place: USD 400 (supported by Vicon Motion Systems)

4th place: USD 300 (supported by International Society of Biomechanics)

5th place: USD 300 (supported by International Society of Biomechanics)

Deadlines: Application opens on March 1st 2019 and closes on March 30th 2019.

We want you to join this journey!

We are looking for new EDC initiatives. Why not starts your project today? For details on proposing an EDC project, check the ISB website (link bellow) and contact Prof. Carpes. He will provide all the support.