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Join us for vASB2021 in August!

We welcome the international biomechanics community to join us for the 45th annual American Society of Biomechanics conference, to be held from August 10-13, 2021! Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, vASB2021 will be held in a virtual format once again and easily accessible from around the globe. Last year, vASB2020 was highly successful with over 1200 attendees coming together to share great science, network and socialize with biomechanics colleagues from around the world. In addition to live Zoom podium sessions and keynotes, we will be increasing our utilization of the SpatialChat platform to increase live interactions amongst attendees during poster presentations and networking events. More details can be found on the meeting website, Follow us on Twitter (@ASB2021_ATL) or Facebook ( to get real-time updates on the meeting.

Abstract deadline: March 15, 2021, 5pm MDT

Registration opens: April 16, 2021

Conference Chair: Young-Hui Chang (Georgia Tech)

Program Chair: Alena Grabowski (University of Colorado, Boulder)

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