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International Affiliate Development Grant Report – Willian da Silva

The ISB International Affiliate Development Grant made it possible for me to visit the University of Valencia (UV) in Spain for a period of 30 days. While I am a Ph.D student in Brazil, my doctoral program is developed in co-tutelage with the Spanish university. Interestingly, the contact between my current University in Brazil and the University from Spain started when a Spanish student came to our laboratory in 2013 with the funding of an ISB travel grant. My visiting period was during September and October 2022 and was successfully carried out. The main goal of applying for the travel grant was to visit the Research Group in Biomechanics Applied to Sports (GIBD) from UV and work under supervision of Professor Jose Ignacio Priego-Quesada. The International Affiliate Development Grant from ISB enabled me to develop part of my Ph.D. research planned in collaboration between the two universities. In addition, during this visit my activities also included:

  • To participate in the routine of the biomechanics laboratory of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport, University of Valencia, under the supervision of Dr. Jose Ignacio Priego-Quesada.
  • To watch a thesis defense in the postgraduate program in Physical Activity and Sport from the University of Valencia.
  • To participate in research and teaching projects involving Biomechanical measures and Biomechanics teaching strategies for undergraduate students.
  • To collaborate in a doctoral thesis project aiming to measure internal and external training loads using accelerometers, GPS, and gyroscopes during a simulated volleyball competition.
  • To visit different laboratories from the UV such as the performance laboratory and the medical school and create professional connections.
  • To help in data collection involving exercise-induced muscle fatigue with measurements of strength, torque, skin temperature, and muscle oxygen saturation.

I would like to thank the ISB for granting the International Affiliate Development Grant travel grant and for all the work developed towards the development of students and new scientists in the field of biomechanics. I would like to thank my supervisor Professor Felipe P Carpes for the daily encouragement as well as the help in preparing the proposal, and Professor Jose Ignacio Priego-Quesada for all the help and assistance and his role as host professor.

Furthermore, I would like to thank all the students and professors of the Research Group in Biomechanics Applied to Sport (GIBD) for having me at the University of Valencia and for all their support during my stay. Especially the students Carlos Sendra Perez and Joaquin Marzano. Also, I would like to thank my colleagues from the Research Group on Applied Neuromechanics (GNAP) at the Federal University of Pampa in Brazil for all the support along my path.

I am sure that this experience will make a big difference in my professional and personal life. I will continue working to learn more about biomechanics, seeking my development as a future scientist in the area and also contributing to the development of students interested in learning more about the biomechanics of human movement.

Best regards

Willian da Silva.

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Pofessor Priego-Quesada (left) and student Willian da Silva (right).