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BOOM Episode 12 is live! Check out the link to listen to Joe Hamill, current International Society of Biomechanics President, talk about his vision for making ISB "truly international". Hear about why he values ISB as a top tier biomechanics society, including it's emphasis on the students.

Our ISB Student Representative, Melissa Boswell, has put together a great new initiative to encourage community engagement and support for students via a biomechanics podcast, called Biomechanics On Our Minds (BOOM!). Visit the BOOM podcast site and have a listen!



Dear Friends in the International Society of Biomechanics,

We are thrilled to announce the fourth National Biomechanics Day on April 10, 2019. With your participation NBD 2019 will introduce Biomechanics to an incredible number of high school students around the world. Please see the attached announcement about registering for NBD 2019 or please go directly HERE to register. Of course, you can hold your NBD event on any Spring or Summer day if April 10 does not work for you.

NBD has grown each year because of your enthusiastic participation. We now have the potential to revolutionize the impact of Biomechanics on society by showing our science in this synchronized, celebratory manner to thousands and thousands of young people. Please help us grow Biomechanics through our unique, worldwide and fun Biomechanics extravaganza. Through our unified outreach, we will make Biomechanics the 21st century‚Äôs Breakthrough Science.

Sincerely and with great enthusiasm,

Paul DeVita

Director, Biomechanics Laboratory and

Leroy T. Walker Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology

East Carolina University


PS for your enjoyment, please see these videos from NBD 2018 events at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab HERE and Rush University Medical Center HERE

The TGCS 2019 website is now live!

TGCS 2019 is an upcoming symposium organized by International Society of Biomechanics members and its technical group partners that focuses on computer simulation in biomechanics. Keynote speakers include Wendy Murray (Northwestern University) and Ilse Jonkers (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven). The meeting will take place in beautiful Canmore, Canada from 28 to 30 July 2019. 

Don't miss the latest symposium news and help us with preliminary plans.

The December edition of ISB NOW is available here. Note that this edition and future editions will be available on the through the main ISB website, so please update your Bookmarks to make sure you don't miss out!

The minutes of the 2015 General Assembly of the ISB will be considered at the General Assembly in Brisbane on Thursday 27 July 2017. 

2015 General Assembly Minutes

ISB-EDC membership is now available at a reduced fee. Please visit the Subscriptions & Renewals page for details.