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For those of you who might have missed the ISB in Calgary, or even those who were there but could not warp time and make it to multiple sessions at once, do not fear! The organisers of the ISB have kindly uploaded the talks onto this youtube site for your enjoyment. Please note that the tutorial video's and the Wartenweiler lecture from Prof Hugh Herr will only be made available to ISB members (and will be uploaded shortly). enjoy.

BOOM Episode 20 is live! Melissa Boswell and Hannah O'Day chat with Timothy Hewett and Kate Webster about ACL injuries. 

The ISB would like to congratulate all the participants in the Developing Countries Grant Competition this year in Calgary. All applications were of high quality and denotes that biomechanics is everywhere. The winners were:

1st place: USD 1000 supported by ISB
Applied Biomechanics: promoting spine health in public schools of Amazonia – Brazil (by Jansen Estrazulas et al, from Brazil)

2nd place: USD 700 supported by TEKSCAN Inc.
Using Glasses-free Virtual Reality Training to Improve Upper Limb Motor Function in stroke: innovations from China (by Le Li et al, from China)

3rd place: USD 500 supported by Vicon Motion Systems
Personalized medicine: aneurysms analysis through 3D models and numerical simulation (by Carlos Escobar del Pozo et al, from Mexico)

4th place: USD 300 supported by ISB
Smart orthotic device to improve Movement capacity of patients suffering from spasticity (smartMove) (by Elisa Avila et al, from Mexico)

5th place: USD 300 supported by ISB
Fatigue effects on the knee joint reaction force in female handball athletes: computational modeling during dynamic task (by Bruno Bedo et al, from Brazil)

The ISB would like to thank the evaluation committee members: Elizabeth Clarke, Melissa Ann Boswell, Glen Lichtwark, Rajani Mullerpatan, Sarah Shultz and the EDC Officer Felipe Carpes for contributing in the evaluation process. Please make sure you follow ISB website and in the social medias to stay tuned about the advance of EDC projects around the world.

Felipe Carpes is leaving the position of EDC officer and starting as the South America representative. We would like to thank him for his tirelss work in this role and are pleased he will be staying on board as South American representative, a new appointment for the ISB. The incoming EDC officer for the ISB is Daniel Hahn. Please do not hesitate to ask Daniel about EDC projects!

We are pleased to announce a new Working Group of the ISB, the Comparative Neuromuscular Biomechanics group (CNB). The recent ISB Congress in Calgary illustrated the strength and general interest in comparative biomechanics, with all of these sessions having a full house. The CNB aims to increase the visibility of comparative biomechanics and neuromechanics at the ISB, with a goal to accelerate cross-pollination between comparative and human biomechanics fields. We look forward to seeing a strong programme at the next ISB in Stockholm. 


Congratulations to Prof. Ralph Müller from the ETH, Zurich, who has been named the 2019 Muybridge Award winner.

The Muybridge award is the most prestigious bestowed by the Society. It’s given for career achievements in biomechanics. It is named after Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904), who was the first to use cinematography for the study of human and animal movement.

Prof. Müller is currently a Professor of Biomechanics at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology and heads the Laboratory for Bone Biomechanics at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. He studied electrical engineering at ETH Zürich, where he also received his doctoral degree. Subsequently, he was involved in the development of a compact desktop micro-tomographic imaging system that since has been commercialized and is now marketed worldwide. The research he has completed and is currently pursuing employs state-of-the-art biomechanical testing and simulation techniques as well as novel bioimaging and visualization strategies for musculoskeletal tissues. His approaches are now often used for precise phenotypic characterization in mammalian genetics, mechanobiology as well as tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He is an author of over 500 peer-reviewed publications in international scientific journals and conference proceedings. His work has been cited over 30,000 times on Google Scholar with an h-index of 90. In 2015, he was elected to the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) and the European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering and Science (EAMBES). In 2017, the European Research Council awarded him with a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant. He is a former President of the European Society of Biomechanics and the Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering and currently serves on the Board of the International Society of Bone Morphometry.

Sāo Paulo Brazil will host the next International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics (i-FAB) meeting, to be held April 5-8, 2020. This is the first time South America has hosted i-FAB, in collaboration with the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics. The focus of the presentations will be on several hot topics within Footwear/ Orthotics, Sports, Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation, Clinical Biomechanics, Foot and ankle Modeling, Orthopedics and Surgery. All related disciplines are encouraged to participate to enhance the largeness and depth of the meeting. Stay tuned for further updates!