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MEMBERS...Don't forget to cast your vote for the 2019-2021 ISB Council members and President Elect. Voting closes 26 April and you can view the candidates here.

A reminder to all ISB members to cast your votes for the 2019-2021 ISB Executive Council. Voting closes April 26.

Here is a brief summary of the candidates:

 President Elect 
 2019 0002s 0003 catherine disselhorst klug Catherine Disselhorst-Klug, Germany  2019 0002s 0002 alberto leardini Alberto Leardini, Italy
 2019 0002s 0000 antonio veloso Antonio Veloso, Portugal  2019 0002s 0001 veronique feipel Veronique Feipel, Belgium
Council Members
2019 0000s 0000 daniel hahn Daniel Hahn, Germany  2019 0000s 0001 felipe carpes Felipe Carpes, Brazil
 2019 0000s 0003 elizabeth clarke Elizabeth Clarke, Australia  2019 0000s 0004 rajani mullerpatan Rajani Mullerpatan, India
 2019 0000s 0005 glen lichtwark Glen Lichtwark, Australia  2019 0000s 0006 tim derrick Tim Derrick, USA
 2019 0000s 0009 katherine boyer Kath Boyer, USA  2019 0000s 0010 jennifer shin Jennifer Shin, Korea
 2019 0000s 0007 li shan chou Li-Shan Chou, USA  2019 0000s 0011 janet dufek Janet Dufek, USA
2019 0000s 0008 li li Li Li, USA 2019 0000s 0012 nachiappan chockalingam Nachiappan Chockalingam, UK
2019 0000s 0014 jacqueline alderson Jacque Alderson, Australia 2019 0000s 0013 dario cazzola Dario Cazzola, UK

2019 0000s 0002 thor besier Thor Besier, New Zealand

Student Representative
2019 0001s 0000 megan smidebush Megan Smidebush, USA 2019 0001s 0001 deepak ravi Deepak Ravi, Switzerland

BOOM Episode 14 is live! Melissa Boswell and Hannah O'Day talk to Thor Besier at the University of Auckland's Bioengineering Institute about the future of wearables :)


Sāo Paulo Brazil will host the next International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics (i-FAB) meeting, to be held April 5-8, 2020. This is the first time South America has hosted i-FAB, in collaboration with the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics. The focus of the presentations will be on several hot topics within Footwear/ Orthotics, Sports, Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation, Clinical Biomechanics, Foot and ankle Modeling, Orthopedics and Surgery. All related disciplines are encouraged to participate to enhance the largeness and depth of the meeting. Stay tuned for further updates!

The March edition of ISB NOW is available here. Don't miss the latest in news and events at the ISB. A reminder also that ISB elections will be happening this month, so stay tuned and please take part in the voting this year to elect council members.

TGCS 2019 is an upcoming symposium organized by International Society of Biomechanics members and its technical group partners that focuses on computer simulation in biomechanics. Keynote speakers include Wendy Murray (Northwestern University) and Ilse Jonkers (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven). The meeting will take place in beautiful Canmore, Canada from 28 to 30 July 2019.