International Society of Biomechanics
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ISB celebrates a half century this year! 

ISB was founded on 30th August 1973. In August 2023, in Fukuoka at our next Congress, we want to organize a big birthday party! But we have about a year and a half before we can officially celebrate this great achievement. We should be proud to be not only the most international and the largest society in Biomechanics, but also the oldest. These have been 50 years of education, creation, aggregation, success, dedication, connection, donation, inspiration, innovation, and in one word - passion. We have contributed to novel devices, treatments, and performances for the benefit of clinical, physical, and industrial activities. All this from real science, based on experimental measurements, validated models, established theories, settled algorithms. We are grateful to the founders, but also want to look ahead and contribute with our discipline to a better quality of life, world-wide. In this period to come we would love to arrange a number of initiatives to remember, to store and to take advantage of these vital steps forward. The traditional ISB logo is thus embellished for these two years!

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