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Constantinos Maganaris received a BSc in Sports Science in 1995 from the College of Sports Science in Greece, and a MSc in Sports Nutrition in 1996 from the University of Aberdeen, UK. In 1999, he received his PhD in Muscle Mechanics at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, 2.5 years after starting his studies. Since then, Costis has published 30 SCI journal papers, in more than 2/3 of which he is the first or the sole author. His research interest lies on the mechanical properties of muscles and tendons and the way these structures interact to produce forces and movement. Most of his work is experimental and involves measurements in the intact human body by means of ultrasonography, MRI, dynamometry and electrical stimulation. Apart from the PYSA award in ISB 2003, Costis has been the recipient of several other international awards and honours of excellence, such as the ASB 2001 Post-doctoral Scientist award, and a JSPS Post-doctoral grant award in 1999 for conducting research at the University of Tokyo, Japan. He has received external research grants for studies on the structure and function of muscles and tendons in old age and in children with cerebral palsy, and currently works as a Senior Research Fellow in Musculoskeletal Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.