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Yasushi EnomotoYasushi Enomoto began his research for biomechanics of distance running technique at the laboratory for sport biomechanics under Dr. Michiyoshi Ae when he was an undergraduate student at the School of Health and Physical Education at the University of Tsukuba, where he was also a distance runner in the Track & Field club.  He also completed a 5 year Ph. D. program there, and in March 2004, completed his dissertation about the biomechanical evaluation for distance running technique.  Yasushi was a research assistant in the Sports and Physical Education Center and a coach for the middle distance team of the T&F club at the University of Tsukuba from 2002 to 2004.  He has been a member of the Scientific Committee in the Japan Association for Athletics Federation since 2002.  Now he is an assistant professor at the Kyoto University of Education, where he teaches courses in biomechanics and physical education and also is a coach of T&F club of the university.  Recently he starts to research in biomechanics of motor development for elementary school children.