International Society of Biomechanics
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r_vandeursen.jpgI trained for a BSc in Physiotherapy in the Netherlands (1981), an MSc in Human Movement Sciences at the Free University in Amsterdam (1994) and a PhD in Kinesiology at Penn State University, USA (1997). Based in Cardiff at the School of Healthcare Studies since 1998, I have established the Research Centre for Clinical Kinaesiology, a fully equipped biomechanics laboratory, to research human movement within a clinical context. Research interests include the prevention and rehabilitation of lower limb complications due to diabetic neuropathy, mobility problems in chronic neurological disease, and rehabilitation of joint instability after knee injury. The effect of exercise on patients is a common thread in this research. I was recently appointed Director of Physiotherapy at Cardiff University and am the research lead for the School of Healthcare Studies.

I have been a member of the ASB/ISB since 1998 and am predominantly involved in biomechanics applied to the clinical field of rehabilitation. Having both a clinical and biomechanical background provides me with a good understanding of both fields and the different terminology used. Biomechanics is a powerful tool to explore movement but is not always well understood within the clinical environment. On the other hand the need for good research in the area of rehabilitation is clearly present. It is my mission to make biomechanics more available for research in this area by developing clinically relevant research methods and procedures so that appropriate evidence becomes more readily available. This would also be my focus within the ISB council.