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Now that you have become a student member, the Executive Council of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) would like to inform you about all of the resources available to you. The purpose of the ISB is to promote the study of the biomechanics, encourage international contacts among scientists in this field, promote knowledge of biomechanics on an international level, and cooperate with related organizations. As a student member of the ISB you are able to apply for ISB funded grants and awards, participate in mentor opportunities, become a member of the ISB student members Facebook group, and have access to the online forms and discussions available in the Student Section of the ISB website. Here are some of the benefits currently available to you as an ISB student member:

Student Section of the ISB Website

The student section of the ISB website is devoted to providing students with information and resources that may be helpful during your studies. The section contains links to pages within the ISB website that may be of particular interest to students; such as funding sources, online tutorials and lectures, the mentoring program, and job postings. Please visit the student section for more information:

Facebook Student Forum

The ISB has Facebook Student Forum which creates an online community to share your experiences and knowledge in biomechanics and ask other students questions! The forum can be used to discuss biomechanics research, search for help with abstract writing and preparing presentations, organize social events at conferences, and share information on anything that has assisted you with your research or writing. Please visit the Facebook student forum for more information:

Tutorials and Lectures

The ISB is building a collection of videos of lectures presented at ISB congresses, tutorials and workshops. These can help you learn more about the science and application of biomechanics. Please visit the Tutorials and Lectures web page for more information:

Student Grants

Student members of ISB are eligible for the following grants. A number of competitive grants are awarded each year, and in the year of the ISB Congress, a fourth category of award will be available to assist students attend and present at the ISB Congress. Some of the grants include the Matching Dissertation Grant Program, the International Travel Grant Program, The Congress Travel Grant Program, and the International Affiliate Development Grant Program. The deadline to apply for these grants is the end of November. More information can be found on the ISB website at:

Online Mentoring

The ISB is dedicated to promote and facilitate both the academic and personal development of young biomechanists around the world.  In this effort, the ISB Mentoring Program was created to connect students with senior researchers and to establish relationships and share experiences between students in the field. There are two mentoring options available for ISB student members: the Researcher-Student Mentoring Program and the Student-Student Mentoring program. Please visit the ISB website for more information about mentoring:

ISB on Facebook

The ISB is on Facebook as a business page, so please “like” it to become our fan! By becoming our facebook fan, you will stay informed with the news and deadline reminders that will be published to your Facebook newsfeed homepage. If you prefer not to sign up for facebook, you can also periodically check the activity of the page by using the previous link. There is also an ISB student member facebook group! To join, search for a group called “International Society of Biomechanics Student Members” and request to join the group.


We encourage all students to become involved with the ISB by participating in the benefits available to you as a member and getting involved with ISB projects and initiatives (e.g. affiliated societies, EDC projects). Please visit the ISB website to find more information about ISB Congresses, other conferences and workshopsaffiliated societies, our projects for Economically Developing Countries (EDC), and much more. If you have any questions or suggestions about the benefits of being an ISB student member, please contact the ISB student representative, Kirsty McDonald (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Thank you and welcome to the ISB!


Andrew Cresswell                               Kirsty McDonald

ISB President                                      Student Representative

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.