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post-doc position in Italy and the Netherlands

04 Jan 2021
04 Jan 2021
Brescia, BS

We are seeking a post-doc for one-year fully-funded position, with 3 months to be spent at the University of Brescia (Italy) and 9 months at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands), on a project involving wheelchair ergometers.

The project

The project will involve improving feedback systems on wheelchair ergometers, with a focus on measurement systems and augmented reality feedback. The Postdoc will start in Italy to see which feedback technology serves best (glasses, monitor, audio, tactile etc) and will consequently work in Groningen to make a working proof of concept, ideally tested experimentally with able-bodied subjects.

Two options will be explored, first the feedback will be used to improve upon the natural learning process, reducing the time it takes to learn a better propulsion technique. Secondly, a new avenue of power assist will be evaluated, where the behavior of the active ergometer is used to moderate the resistance, similar to e-bike technology, aimed to make an even more interactive experience teaching the participants what allowable forces are. Results of the experiments will be evaluated using both questionnaires to participants and measurements of power, speed and stress performed during the tests.


  • The position is offered by the University of Brescia, and will follow Italian regulations for post-doc positions. The candidate will be serving in the Laboratory of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements of the University of Brescia (, under the supervision of prof. Matteo Lancini.

  • The yearly salary is 30k€ gross (about 1500€/month net).

  • The position will be in Mechanical and Thermal Measurements (ING-IND/12 according to the Italian Scientific nomenclature)

  • The best candidate will be selected in a public comparative evaluation to be held in February. The job offer will be published in a few days and the deadline for submitting a candidature is 30.1.2021.


  • Master in Human Motion Sciences, or in Computer Science, or of Science in Engineering
    (Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Motorie, Ingegneria Informatica, dell'Automazione, Biomedica o Meccanica)

  • PhD title achieved no later than 30.1.2021 and no earlier than 30.1.2016

  • European Union citizenship