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Retention of motor strategies learnt with fatigue and their impact on performance during wheelchair propulsion tasks

MSc Position
05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021
Québec, QC
Université Laval


Candidate for a Master in science (M.Sc.) degree wanted

Research field: Retention of motor strategies learnt with fatigue and their impact on performance during wheelchair propulsion tasks.

Project: Whether it is in sports, at work, during rehabilitation or in daily life activities, developing motor skills require the repetition of hundreds to thousands of movements. In addition to motor learning, such intensive training also often leads to the development of fatigue. Our understanding of the effects of fatigue on motor learning remains limited with studies showing impaired, unaffected or even improved motor learning with fatigue. We are currently recruiting a Master degree student to lead a research project aiming to assess if motor strategies learnt with fatigue are maintain in time and how they affect performance during wheelchair propulsion tasks. The selected student will have the opportunity to use various tools to evaluate motor behavior (e.g. electromyography, tridimensional kinematics). These methods may be combined with questionnaires and qualitative methods to assess motor strategies used consciously by participants.

Research Environment: Research activities will be conducted at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation and Social Integration (Cirris). The Cirris is composed of more than sixty researchers from various fields (e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, psychology, engineering) and of even more students at all levels. The strong collaboration culture within the interdisciplinary teams at the Cirris greatly favor the development of highly qualified personnel ready to face the complexe challenges required for conducting research in the field of rehabilitation and social integration of people living with disabilities. The Cirris is an inclusive research center, and its physical environment is adapted for people living with disabilities.


·         Previous training and strong interest for motor control, motor learning and biomechanics

·         Interest to develop digital skills required to analyse biomechanic data (e.g. Matlab, OpenSim)

·         Research experience

·         Competitive academic results

·         Strong organizational skills, independence and responsible

·         Capacity and interest to work within a collaborative team environment

·         Required Documentation

How to apply:

If you are interested, please send a letter (1 to 2 pages) to describe your interest, working experience and career plan as well as a copy of your most recent official transcript at the following email address:

Université Laval is a French-speaking university. International applications can do their research
in English. However, courses are given in French, therefore a minimum level of French speaking
is required..