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3D Analysis of Human Movement

Routines that range from determination of position and attitude of body segments, movement represented as 3-D joint angles, joint moments using equations of motion, to the calculation of other movement parameters.

Fortran routines for conversion between Euler/Cardanic angles, helical angles, and attitude matrices.

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3-D software and data accompanying the book:  C.L. Vaughan, B.L. Davis, and J.C. O'Connor, "Dynamics of Human Gait", 1st edition, Human Kinetics Publishers, 1992, which subsquently was published by Kiboho Publishers. These files were kindly placed in the public domain by the authors. A new Windows version, on CD-ROM and including hundreds of files with patient data, has been published in 1999. For details, see the Amazon


Each data directory contains four files: anthropometry, EMG, force plate, and kinematics. These files are in plain text (ASCII) format.

Installation: UNZIP the program files. In the same directory where gaitlab.exe is, create directories "man", "woman", and "clinical", and install the data.

Dwight Meglan

A public domain 3-D gait analysis package.

ANZ/Telios/Show3D is a 3-D movement analysis & visualization package for PC-compatible computers. Both source and object code are provided. 

This software is provided as-is, with no guarantee whatsoever, and is for non-commercial use only (see 'docs' file for details). Comments and questions should be addressed to the author, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

To download, start with these short files:

After reading these, download the other files:

Christoph Reinschmidt, Ton van den Bogert

KineMat - a comprehensive MATLAB Toolbox for three-dimensional kinematic analyses.


KineMat is a set of MATLAB function files written for the analysis of three-dimensional kinematics. KineMat is intended for intermediate to experienced MATLAB users.

KineMat provides the tools to build a motion analysis system tailored and customized to your needs. A simple example on how to use this toolbox is provided (demo1.m and demo2.m).

The KineMat toolbox can be used for two purposes:

  1. 3D Reconstruction: KineMat allows the reconstruction of the three-dimensional positions of markers seen in two or more cameras. Currently, KineMat uses a DLT (direct linear transformation) procedure with 11 coefficients.
  2. Motion Analysis: KineMat can be used to calculate transformation matrices, Cardan angles (Joint Coordinate System), and finite helical axes descriptors.

Young-Hoo Kwon

KWON3D - Educational website with theoretical foundations of rigid body kinematics and dynamics, by Young-Hoo Kwon. Excellent explanations and detailed equations, no software. Some of the topics:

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The C3D file format provides a common method of storing 3D and analog information in a file and is supported by many popular motion capture systems. The C3Dserver is a fully functional and free evaluation version of the Software Development Kit including complete VB and C++ source code examples for creating, reading and writing C3D files. More info at

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