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2D Analysis of Human Movement

Two dimensional (2D) analysis is easier, faster, and sometimes more accurate than 3D analysis in some circmumstances. However, one must be aware of errors when applying 2D analysis to motion with significant out-of-plane components. Here are some software tools for 2D motion analysis.

Ed Lemaire

Motion Analysis Tools is a Windows 95/NT/2000/XP/Vista program for taking measurements from digital video and bitmap images. This software is intended for clinical use; however, it may be useful for anyone in the fields of biomechanics or ergonomics. Contributed by Ed Lemaire, Ottawa, Canada. Here is the link to Motion Analysis ToolsMotion Analysis Tools.

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This a package of software and data that may be used for kinetic and kinematic analysis of planar human or animal motion.

Ton van den Bogert

Inverse dynamics software and benchmark data for 2D inverse dynamic analysis of running.