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John Hipp

Software for analysis of 3-D trabecular bone structure.

The mechanical properties of trabecular bone are determined in part by the 3D morphology. To determine the relative importance of trabecular bone morphology to its mechanical behavior, to evaluate the response of trabecular bone to treatments, and to evaluate the response of trabecular bone to altered loading conditions, quantitative measurements of the amount and orientation of bone are required. The program, t3m.c, can quantify volume fraction of bone, the surface area of the bone, and the orientation of the trabeculae. The measurements are based on a the number of intersections between a set of test lines and the bone-marrow interface. The mean intercept lengths are calculated for several random orientations of the test lines, and these data are fit to an ellipsoid. The aspect ratios of the ellipsoid can be used to quantify the anisotropy of the bone. The program requires a 3D data set that can be obtained by serial sectioning/grinding, micro-CT, or micro-MRI. Extensive validation stduies have been completed. The program has been compiled on SUN workstations, but should be easily portable to other platforms.

Simmons CA, Hipp JA. "Methods-based differencein the automated analysis of the three-dimensional morphology of trabecular bone." J Bone and Mineral Research 1997. 12:942-947.


Instructions for installation and use are included in the main program.

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