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ty_shiang.jpgTzyy-Yuang Shiang received his Ph.D. degree from Pennsylvania State University in Mechanical Engineering (majoring in Biomechanics) in 1993. His research interests are mainly dedicated to various aspects of Sports biomechanics, Biomedical engineering and Sports equipment design. He has been a research scientist and faculty member in the sports biomechanics field in Taiwan since 1995. He presently serves as the chairman of the Graduate Institute of Sports Equipment Technology and is the president of the Taiwanese Society of Biomechanics in Sports. He joined the ISB as an active member in 1997 when the ISB conference was held in Asia (Tokyo) the first time. He is now serving as chair for the upcoming ISB 2007 conference in Taipei.

During the past decade, Asia became a more important economic and political group in the world, and more Chinese researchers are willing to join the international society. An ISB council member in South Asia will be helpful to attract more researchers from this area in joining the ISB and connect to more “growth” groups within clinics and colleges in the field of biomechanics.