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witaya_m.jpgWitaya Mathiyakom is a physical therapist who graduated from the School of Physiotherapy, Mahidol University, Thailand (1988). He was appointed as a junior faculty member at the Faculty of Physical Therapy, Rangsit University, Thailand. He, then, received his MS in Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California in 1994 and worked as a research physical therapist at the Biomechanics Lab, Centinela Hospital, CA. He then perused his training in biomechanics at the Biomechanics Lab, Department of Kinesiology, USC. After receiving his PhD (2004), he was appointed as a post-doctoral fellow at the Ethel Angrus Gerontology Center, USC (2004-present). His research focuses on the motor control and dynamics underlying momentum generation and redirection of whole body goal-directed movements observed during functional tasks (e.g changing direction, fall recovery) and sports (e.g diving).

During his post-doctoral training, he has begun to initiate both educational and research projects at several physical therapy programs in Thailand. The purpose of these projects is to promote and advance biomechanics education to physical therapy students, clinicians, faculty members in physical therapy and related fields. Witaya has served as an external examiner of a PhD candidate, a principle investigator and co-investigator of several biomechanics-related research projects, and a research consultant for ongoing research at several programs in Physical Therapy and Movement Sciences.