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Herman J. Woltring
GCVSPL is a Fortran package for spline smoothing and differentiation, by the late Herman J. Woltring. The methods were described in Woltring HJ (1986) A FORTRAN package for generalized, cross-validatory spline smoothing and differentiation. Adv. Engng. Softw. 8:104-113. Woltring has shown that spline smoothing is equivalent to a double Butterworth filter (see Release Notes). The differences are that with splines it is possible to process data with unequal sampling intervals and the boundary conditions are well defined. The original subroutine package is available, as well as versions for C and Matlab programmers. Also some front-end programs for UNIX and PC. Release Notes
(Read these first.)

Subroutine Packages:
VMS Fortran version Fortran 77 version.

Demo/Test Program includingVaughan's falling golf ball data.

Front End
Ton van den Bogert
A front-end program in Fortran 77  (last updated April 12, 2000). The program is interactive and self-explanatory. Tested on UNIX (Sun and SGI) and Windows NT. Notes on Digital Filtering (PDF File).

ZIP Archive
(Complete Package)

Dwight Meglan.
  A version of GCVSPL in the C language ZIP Archive
Dirk Twisk
  A version of GCVSPL in the C language Source Code
GCVSPL for Matlab
ChunXiang Tian
A Matlab MEX interface for the GCVSPL package Source Code
(Text File)
GCVSPL for Matlab
David Carta
A Matlab MEX interface for the GCVSPL package Read Me
(Text File)

Source Code
ZIP Archive

GCVSPL for Matlab
Tony Reina
A Matlab MEX interface for the GCVSPL and SPLDER packages based on Dwight Meglan's C Code. Information
& Source Code

Giannis Giakas
Software that uses a linear prediction method to extrapolate data

Text Description
Paper Abstract
Executable F (.exe) file


Jeff Walker
Quick Smoothing And Numerical Differentiation for Power Macintosh. This software has numerous algorithms for smoothing and differentiating noisy data, including the Woltring spline routines, Butterworth filters, Wiener filters, and more. Web Site

Gordon E. Robertson
A program to read and display Kistler, APAS and other file formats. Includes algorithms for smoothing and ensemble averaging of signals. Information & Files

Software and data used in the workshop on Data Smoothing during the 1999 ISBS congress in Perth, Australia.

Giannis Giakas
Software for automatic filtering and differentiation using the spectrum assessment method. Includes test data files. Information and Files
Jim Dowling
Example software and data from the ISBS99 Workshop Software and Data