International Society of Biomechanics
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Gait & Posture is a vehicle for the publication of up-to-date basic and clinical research on all aspects of locomotion and balance.

The topics covered include:

  • Techniques for the measurement of gait and posture, and the standardization of results presentation;
  • Studies of normal and pathological gait;
  • Treatment of gait and postural abnormalities;
  • Biomechanical and theoretical approaches to gait and posture;
  • Mathematical models of joint and muscle mechanics;
  • Neurological and musculoskeletal function in gait and posture;
  • The evolution of upright posture and bipedal locomotion;
  • Adaptations of carrying loads, walking on uneven surfaces, climbing stairs etc;
  • Spinal biomechanics only if they are directly related to gait and/or posture and are of general interest to our readers;
  • The effect of aging and development on gait and posture;
  • Psychological and cultural aspects of gait;
  • Patient education.
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