International Society of Biomechanics
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mark_king.jpgSenior Lecturer in Sports Biomechanics at Loughborough University, UK, researching into Computer simulation of dynamic jumps, Maximal voluntary isovelocity torque, Computer simulation of racket sports, and Fast bowling in Cricket.

I have been a member of the International Society of Biomechanics and the Technical Group on Computer Simulation for the past 11 years and have attended ISB conferences (plus associated simulation satellite symposia) at Jyvaskyla, Calgary, Zurich, Dunedin and Cleveland. In 2005 I was elected onto the Executive Board for TGCS (2005-2007). At the European College of Sport Science 1997 conference I was awarded first prize in the Young Investigators Award for my work on the computer simulation of vaulting. I have made a number of invited conference presentations including: World Congress of Biomechancis 2006, International Sports Engineering Association 2004, and British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences 2005. I hope to promote sports biomechanics, the use of whole body subject-specific computer simulation models.

The main focus of my current research is using subject-specific computer simulation models to help understand the mechanics of the takeoff phase in dynamic jumps. Integral to this work is the role of muscle on optimum performance and in particular the relationship between maximal voluntary torque and angular velocity. Other areas of sports biomechanics research that I am currently involved with include using computer simulation models to investigate tennis elbow injuries and working with fast bowlers in cricket to investigate which bowling techniques are more likely to result in lower back injuries.