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laurens.jpgMy name is Ediuska Laurens, and I am 26 years old. My first name is Russian, my last name is French, and most people think I look Indian. However, the truth is that I am not from any of these places. I was actually born in a beautiful country well known for its petroleum and its record of miss universe winners. This country is called Venezuela, and it is located on the northern coast of South America.

I graduated from the University at Buffalo, U.S.A, with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and a M.S. in Bioengineering. I am also in my second year of doctoral studies in Biomedical Engineering at Cleveland State University-Cleveland Clinic Foundation. I am particularly interested in Spine Biomechanics and Biomaterials. Hence, my research focuses on testing the mechanical properties of hydrogel-like biomaterials for potential nucleus pulposus replacement in the intervertebral disc of the spine. Improvements in these studies are promising for restoring the natural biomechanics of the spine, which is a key absent in the existing treatments.

I strongly believe that knowledge through education is essential for human development. For this reason, I have always tried to be involved in programs and organization that would allow me to make a contribution in this manner. Now, I consider being elected the new ISB student representative an amazing opportunity to continue this journey and make further contributions, especially in the area of biomechanics.

If I were elected for this position, I would definitely concentrate in encouraging student participation because the more educational investment we make at the student level, the better-prepared scientists and engineers creating superior innovations we will have. In order to accomplish this, I believe that “Information” is the basis. Therefore I would propose developing a more active advertisement program for ISB projects and benefits. Also, I plan on a system through which students may be able to locate other student members in their cities, nearby cities, and even around the country. Having such a system will facilitate organizing student centers, where close by ISB members can brainstorm and discover what they really want to obtain from the ISB, what new services they would like to see, and how can the ISB culture be further improved.

Finally, I think students will highly benefit from an ISB Mentoring Program in which young investigators can be linked with established investigators willing to provide support and advice in specific areas of interest and relevance to the biomechanics scientist.

I would certainly be honored to be elected the new ISB student representative and continue the amazing job that previous members have pioneered. I have great enthusiasm, perseverance, dedication, ingenious, and the proper background to assume this position. Once again, I would be thrilled to become active in the ISB council and be granted the opportunity to be part in the making of the ISB future contributions and modernization of the Biomechanics world.