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Test Data for Filtering and Differentiation

Giannis Giakas

This directory contains data, software, and documentation for the study "Different Cut-off Frequency Strategies for the Determination of the Higher Derivatives", by Giannis Giakas and Vasilios Baltzopoulos.

Ton van den Bogert

Benchmark data and software for 2-D inverse dynamic analysis of running.

Peter Vint

Benchmark data from Pezzack et al. (1977).

James Dowling

Angular displacement and acceleration data from an experiment that was reported in BIOMECHANICS X-B (ed:Bengt Jonsson) Human Kinetics Publishers, Champaign, IL. pp.1163-1167.

C. L. Vaughan

Time-position (seconds, meters) of a falling golf ball. From: C.L. Vaughan, Smoothing and differentiation of displacement-time data: an application of splines and digital filtering. International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing 13:375-382, 1982. Double differentiation should give a constant acceleration of -g.

document golfball.txt (752 B)