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Student Travel Reports

I would like to thank the ISB for the generous Congress Travel Grant. I feel very fortunate to have attended the conference in Zurich . I enjoyed hearing about the history of the ISB in Dr. Nelson’s Wartenweiler lecture. As an alumni of the University of Waterloo it was very special for me to see Dr. Winter receive the Muybridge Medal. The nine other invited keynote lectures were worth the starts and coming in out of the sunshine.

In addition to these eleven talks I listened to approximately one fifth of the 430 other presentations and presented a poster entitled “Kinematics of the upper and lower extremities in three-dimensions during ergometer rowing” in one of the poster sessions. These presentations, especially the five excellent award sessions, have made me feel motivated to return to my computer and continue with my own work.

I found the sessions on locomotion and motion capture to have presentations about data collection and error minimisation and the sessions on orthopaedics to have some papers about joint modelling and in vivo force calculation. These were the most relevant to my own doctoral work that will take the kinematics, that I have measured and presented at the ISB conference, and input them into joint models of the metatarsalphalangeal, tibiotalar and tibiofemoral joints. I am partitioning net joint moments into muscle, ligament and joint contact forces. I hope to determine normal forces acting on the body during ergometer rowing and apply this to the development of control systems that will enable spinal cord injured patients to row the ergometer under functional electrical stimulation.

The electronic abstract submission, conference registration, audiovisual presentations and social activities were all extremely well organised. The facilities of the ETH, the gaststätten, kunstgalerien and kirchen of the city of Zurich , and reacquainting with former colleges all added to a wonderful experience.


Suzanne Halliday
17 July, 2001

Department of Physical Therapy
University of Maryland School of Medicine
100 Penn Street
Baltimore , MD 21201