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Student Travel Reports

Dear Dr. Rodgers,

Please find enclosed the details about how the money I received from the student congress travel grant program was spent.

First of all, I want to thank the ISB which gave me the financial support to attend the last ISB congress. This was my fourth ISB congress and I must say that I particularly enjoyed it for many reasons such as the content of the conferences and the poster sessions format, the exciting satellite events and also the opportunity that this congress gave me to exchange and share ideas with others.

I presented a poster Monday August, 9, entitled "THE USE OF 3D SCAPULAR RANGE OF MOTION AS AN INDICATOR OF REDUCED FUNCTION IN SUBJECTS WITH SHOULDER IMPINGEMENT SYNDROME" (L.J. Hébert, H. Moffet and B.J. McFadyen; Rehabilitation Research Group, Quebec Rehabilitation Institute and Laval University, Quebec, Canada). I also attended the International Shoulder Group Satellite Symposium which was a unique opportunity to meet people whom I consider as leaders in the field of shoulder biomechanics. If I had only one thing to remember from this exciting satellite symposium is that the scientific community must adopt, as soon as possible, some standards for the shoulder in terms of 3D shoulder movement description and calculation of rotation angles. The standards proposed by van der Helm et al. (1995) are close to what we are using in our lab and it is our intention to make the ajustments that it takes to set up our calculation method to these standards.

I came back from this ISB congress with new ideas and the conviction that what we are doing is relevant and need to be pushed forward.

With kind regards, 

Luc J. Hébert. M.Sc., P.T.
Ph.D. student in experimental medicine, Laval University