AnyBody Technology Workshop

Introduction to patient-specific musculoskeletal modeling:
medical imaging, FEA interfaces, and clinical applications

Join members of the Anybody Technology team and researchers from Aalborg University on Sunday July 28th for an introduction to subject-specific modeling based on medical imaging. We will take you through a workflow to achieve personalized knee joint reaction forces and continue onto using FEA interfaces to study knee cartilage mechanics. Additionally, a clinical application to investigate gait modifications for treating knee osteoarthritis will be presented.

Musculoskeletal modeling techniques in terms of kinematics and kinetics are briefly introduced for the benefit of new participants, but the main part of the course deals with advanced modeling techniques. The workshop will include various hands-on examples so attendees can experiment with programming in the AnyBody Modeling System (AMS) and get a taste for more advanced features AMS has to offer.

Prior to the workshop, participants will receive an email from AnyBody Technology with software download and installation instructions. Please install the software on a portable computer that you can bring with you to the workshop (AMS only works under Windows. You can run it on a Mac if it has Windows emulation). An additional email will be sent out by the workshop organizers regarding how to prepare prior to the workshop.

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