OpenSim Workshop

Introducing OpenSim Moco: Optimal Control Methods for Musculoskeletal Simulation

Join members of the OpenSim Team on Sunday July 28th for an introduction to OpenSim Moco, a new software package for solving common problems in simulation biomechanics including tracking simulations, predictive simulations, muscle-redundancy problems, and more. Moco brings state-of-the-art direct collocation optimal control methods to the wider biomechanics community without requiring numerical expertise in them to solve complex problems. Moco leverages OpenSim’s existing modeling capabilities to allow you to seamlessly make the transition from model building to simulation a seamless process in your research.

The objectives of the workshop are to introduce participants to Moco’s features, optimize a simple movement from scratch, and to collaboratively solve a biomechanics problem with other participants.

The tutorial assumes familiarity with Matlab, but experience with OpenSim or direct collocation methods is not required. Participants should bring a Mac or Windows (64-bit) laptop (and charger) with Matlab 2014b 2016b or later, or should be willing to team up with another participant.

The workshop organizers will email participants prior to the workshop with more information about how to prepare.

Additional workshop details and instructions to help prepare for it.

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