Oral Presenter

An oral presentation of your work followed by a brief question & answer period will take place in a chaired session along with other presenters.


Both Pre-recorded and Live Presentations

You have the option of either presenting your research as a pre-recorded video or live presentation during the allocated timeslot. Regardless of which approach you take, all oral presenters must pre-record their presentation and upload the file (see Pre-recording and Uploading Video(s) detailed below). For live presenters, your pre-recorded presentations will serve as backup in case of technical issues during the presentation.

Adjusting Your Time

Your presentation should be roughly 10-12 minutes long and it must allow 3-5 minutes for audience questions and a total allotted time of 15 minutes.

Sizing Slides

PowerPoint presentations should use a ‘wide-screen (16:9)’ format. Go to the Design tab then select Slide Size. On the dropdown menu, select ‘Widescreen (16:9)’ and click OK.

Pre-recording and Uploading Video

Pre-recorded video format and instructions:
Use Zoom, PowerPoint, or another capture program to pre-record your session talk. The recording will serve as a back-up if we experience any technical difficulties, or if you are unable to attend the live/synchronous session for some reason.

All video uploads are due by Monday, 12 July

Technical specifications:

  • Save your file with the following naming scheme: YourLastName_YourFirstName.mp4.

    • The video files must be saved in MP4 format.

    • The file size should be less than 150 MB.

  • Create a folder on Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box that only contains the video file.

  • Share the folder with Andrew Baines (andrew.baines@rice.edu) and Dario Cazzola (dc547@bath.ac.uk).

Recording tips & tutorials:

  • To make the pre-recorded presentations more lively and attractive, we suggest to simultaneously record you with a webcam while capturing your Powerpoint or similar presentation. Put your face into the recording. Nobody really wants to watch a talk when the speaker is a ghost. This keeps it personal.

  • While recording, imagine that you are talking to a live audience and be expressive and excited about your scientific achievements.

  • Do a brief practice-run to ensure that your audio and visuals are good before completing a full-length recording.

  • Tutorials:

Simulation Discussion

A separate session will follow your oral presentation session. You along with other presenters will have a 45-minute session to interact with those who are interested in your presented work. See additional details on the Simulation Discussion Guidelines.

Emailing Us

Let us know if have any questions or concerns.


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