OpenSim Workshop

Solving Simulation Research Problems with OpenSim Moco

Join members of the OpenSim Team on July 21 for a hands-on tutorial with OpenSim Moco, a software package for solving common problems in simulation biomechanics using direct collocation optimal control. Moco allows you to solve tracking simulations, predictive simulations, muscle-redundancy problems, and more with your existing OpenSim models. We have expanded Moco’s capabilities since its introduction at TGCS 2019, and this year we will feature some of our users’ most requested problems.

The objectives of this workshop are to describe Moco’s software design and interface for new users, summarize Moco’s new features since TGCS 2019, and cover two hands-on demos including EMG-driven muscle force estimation and IMU tracking.

The tutorial assumes familiarity with Matlab, but experience with OpenSim, Moco, or direct collocation methods is not required. Participants should use a Mac or Windows (64-bit) machine with Matlab 2016b or later.

The workshop organizers will email participants prior to the workshop with more information about how to prepare.

Attendance to the workshop will be limited due to the virtual format. The attendance cap is TBD, but likely not more than 50 attendees. Slots will be determined on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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